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Come skate with us Venice

Venice Beach, the birth of GRLSWIRL, the birth of the skate culture. Under swaying palm trees, ocean breeze winds and the sound of the boardwalk humming around us, the Venice chapter is a unique hub of skaters of all ages and experience levels.

We are as welcoming and warm as the Southern California weather, and enjoy meeting new swirlers at every meet-up. Don’t be shy, come swirl with us!

Meet the chapter Leaders



Co-Founder, Team Rider & Venice Community Leader



Co-Venice Community Leader & Team Riders

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A collective of communities around the globe whose main purpose is to gather & provide a welcoming space for all who feel called to join like-minded folks on a journey of friendship and skate! All skate skill levels and all board types are welcome to join a group skate. Group skates are free for all who carry the GRLSWIRL spirit!

All it takes to become a member is to show up. Join a chapter in Venice Beach - San Diego - New York City - Paris - Lisbon