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We love that you're here! Check out the two ways you can start a chapter in your hood.

Become a Chapter Leader

Apply to become a SWIRL Chapter leader in your city! There are many requirements to becoming a chapter leader.

Check them out below.

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So you want to be a chapter leader

What it means to start a SWIRL Chapter

Our chapters reside under our not for profit sector with the primary goal to give other people the tools they need to bring folks together with skate. Creating and cultivating a community should be fun and rewarding, but also consistent. We’re looking for people who are committed to creating an inclusive and safe space where folks feel welcome.

Becoming a SWIRL Leader

Together we can unify people around the world, who share a common passion for community building and skateboarding. Using GRLSWIRL as a welcoming space, chapter leaders will host group skates, youth skate mentorships and carry out local philanthropic initiatives with their members in the cities they represent.

If you’re looking to expand your clientele, social following or a business owner looking to promote your business, being a SWIRL leader isn’t right for you.

We hope to work with those who find happiness and joy through cultivating and blooming beautiful connections within their community!

Common Asked Questions

How many people do you need to run a chapter?

We require at least two people to run a SWIRL Chapter. We will be choosing and curating a team based on individual applications.

How much time does running a chapter require?

We're looking for a one year commitment. Within that year you'll need to plan & host:

  • 2 group skates a month
  • 4 skate mentorships a year
  • 4 community building / enhancing events a year: beach clean up, fundraiser etc.
  • Running your cities social media account
  • Engaging with members online and IRL
What does it look like to be a leader?

Outgoing Personality: SWIRL community leaders are outgoing, personable and encouraging.

Typically they are serial community builders. Not only are you passionate about empowering others through skateboarding, but you’re passionate about bringing folks together.

We’re a global community that is rooted in our efforts to grow chapters authentically. As a leader, you’ll need to be talking to strangers, friends of friends, acquaintances, and even your neighborhood business owners. Word of mouth recruiting is HUGE.

 Please ask yourself, how am I at interacting with complete strangers? If your answer is not 'I am comfortable and confident in talking to complete strangers, and charming the pants off of them' then you may want to reconsider your application.

Local: SWIRL community leaders need to be familiar and confident within their local surroundings and able to recruit other people that they know and don’t know. We want someone who is familiar with their town and have been living there for a while. We don’t want someone who is just passing through for the summer. You will need to commit for a year or more, so please only apply if you are looking to plant your roots and GROW. Ask yourself ,how am I with cold calling/messaging/showing up at a local business and cultivating a relationship?

Creative/Social Media/Content: Each chapter is responsible to manage their cities SWIRL instagram account. Each chapter will have a leader focused specifically on social media/content and social community mgmt. You will need to source local or internal photographers to document your group skates, or creatively feature your movement. All leaders should be versed in social and working together to grow your digital audience.

Skate Level: Do you have to be the best skater out there? Absolutely not. Do you have to be a motivator?… YASSSS, you do. We don’t need you to be a ripper, but we need you to feel comfortable helping others grow their skills and cheering your community on. Ask yourself, Am I comfortable and confident teaching others to skate?

Group Mentality : Teamwork with your other leaders is vital to your success. You'll be partners in crime with your chapter co-leader and only by working together and being in-sync will your chapter be successful! Being a chapter leader means being open to communication, self reflection and constructive criticism. Ask yourself, am I someone who works well with other people?