Swirl Lisbon

Bom Dia Lisboa!

Join us for group skates and events in the heart of Lisbon.

Meet the Chapter Leaders



From a very small village in the west of Portugal, Ana started skating when she was 16. She loves supporting others skating, and proving that you can do something new even though you don't feel confident at first. She has a master’s degree in Psychology and not to mention and amazing surfer.



Philly born, Cyprus raised Sareena started traveling the world when she was 17 and now lives in Lisbon for 5 years. She thrives on inspiring others through skating and showing them the amazing culture and feeling skating has brought her throughout the years.



From Lisbon, Julia is currently finishing her masters in human ecology and working on projects focused on restoring our ecosystems. When she's not swirling around Lisbon, you can find her sewing her own clothes or adventuring in nature.

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