Swirl San Diego

Come skate with us San Diego

SWIRL San Diego is an inclusive skate community consisting of women, queer & non-binary individuals. We're growing and flourishing down in Ocean Beach. Keeping the stoke of community alive in a place that is deeply connected to the birth of skateboarding.

We're a safe space for any marginalized skater that has felt like they don't fit anywhere. Our leaders are here to welcome you with open arms. Skateboarding at its core is rooted in community, we're nurturing that through our meet ups, our socials, and skate lessons. Come, tell a friend and let's make the skate world a more equal place, together.

Meet the chapter leaders

Sarah Rewell


“why walk when you can skate?”

Jay Cardoza


Summer Chevalier


“Seasons greeting from Summer C. Skating scares me and I love using that fear to empower me and hopefully you !!”

Tianah (T) Hathaway


Bringer of Stoke

GRLSWIRL Chapters worldwide are SWIRL

A collective of communities around the globe whose main purpose is to gather & provide a welcoming space for all who feel called to join like-minded folks on a journey of friendship and skate! All skate skill levels and all board types are welcome to join a group skate. Group skates are free for all who carry the GRLSWIRL spirit!

All it takes to become a member is to show up. Join a chapter in Venice Beach - San Diego - New York City - Paris - Lisbon