In journaling we allow ourselves to remove our thoughts from ourselves, and are able to see them as independents things - almost as an object that is outside of ourself. It separates who we are from what we think - because we aren’t necessarily our thoughts. You can have thoughts that don’t always inform your best course, or inform reality - its sort of like meditation in that way, you notice your thoughts, in this case write them down, and then allow them to be on the page for what they are. Not an ultimate reality or truth, just your thoughts. They change and move and pass just like emotions. So journaling gives you space and perspective, and an outlet as well. A place to store your thoughts for safe keeping.

Thoughts can be an absolute confusing jumbled mess when they’re left inside of our head. Writing them down forces ourselves to form these jumbled messes into sentences, usually making sense of things as you go. It’s almost like organizing a messy closet - you don’t totally know what’s there until you tidy up and reorganize.

We also connect with ourselves in a way that you may not otherwise - you start to understand yourself a bit better, analyze yourself, understand why you do certain things, recognize thought patterns… it’s a tool to get to know yourself better. 



What feelings are present for me today? What is my body telling me?

What am I most needing right now?

What will I do for myself today that will allow me to feel like today was a success?



What are the main areas in my life that I want to focus on this year? Quarantine & beyond? Where am I in those areas now, and where do I want to be?

In order to achieve these goals, what will I need to spend less energy on? What will I need to spend more time on?

What are my three greatest fears? Why do they scare me?

What does it mean to be good enough?

What, if anything, have I been refusing to admit to myself? How can I face this?

In the MAGICAL LAND THAT IS THE FUTURE, where anything is possible. What does my future look like?

For myself, for my career, for my loved ones. BE VERY SPECIFIC.



I feel happiest when…

I feel most beautiful when…

I feel most inspired when…

I feel most grateful for… (3 things daily)

October 23, 2020 — GRL SWIRL