Together but separate.

We know everyone has A LOT of time on their hands right now. Hopefully time to rest, reset & reflect, to STAY HOME and find some calm. So we each wanted to show you how we're handling our own quarantines. The one nice thing about this is that WE'RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER - so let's connect in our collective aloneness, by listening to what each other is listening to, laughing at what each other is laughing at, smiling, crying, writing, meditating TOGETHER.

Today’s recs coming to you from:





  • Children of Men

  • Captain Fantastic

  • Parasite

  • Legally Blonde :)


  • Personal Capital 

    • compiles all your bank accounts and investments and shows you your net worth, what you need to do to plan for retirement, allows you to create a monthly budget, and gives you one free call with a financial advisor

  • VSCO and Lightroom

    • All my iPhone photo editing

  • Elevate 

    • An app to help you improve your math skills, reading skills, cognitive thinking, etc. 

    • Tracks your performance on each “game”

  • RobinHood 

    • A stock trading app

    • During these times, I’ve finally taken the time to learn about stocks and with the way life is now its one of the few ways I can make some money. 

    • TIPS : It’s an extremely volatile market right now, be smart with investing into stocks. You can make a lot or you can lose a lot. Start small, which is what I am doing.


  • Old Classic Rock Records 

    • Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, The Beatles


Fan of Photography?

  • I made some fun Lightroom presets for you to download. 

  • Take this down time and master your editing skills. Its a great way to stay busy and inspired



  • In any moment of chaos or disruption, you have to see the silver lining and find purpose and hope. Despite the madness and the deep sorrow of what is occurring, we are now left with endless amounts of time at home to do things you might never have given yourself the time to do. Have you wanted to learn a new skill? Watch hours of tutorials on it. 

    • Master Class is great for watching tutorials lead by the masters in that field

      • Example: Gordon Ramsey teaches cooking skills

      • Example: Kelly Wearstler teaches the skill of interior design

    • - great for tutorials to learn computer and design skills

      • This is how I taught myself photoshop years ago

  • Take this time to organize your finances. See where you spend your money, figure out your monthly spending and create a budget for yourself

    • Tiller

    • Personal Capital

  • Have you wanted to start meditating ? Now is the perfect time

    • Start with the simple apps like Calm or Headspace

    • 5 minutes a day does a lot for your grounding 

  • Work out from home

    • Pelaton app - currently giving away 90 days FOR FREE!

      • Offers the best classes. I do 10 or 20 minute workouts in my living room. 


October 22, 2020 — GRL SWIRL