Skate mentorship

Beyond the Board

With our Skate Mentorship Program, GRLSWIRL volunteers teach youth the basics of skateboarding. We provide a safe space for them to feel vulnerable to learn something new, meet new friends and get out of their comfort zone. Together we create a place to leave your insecurities behind and feel truly included while learning a new skill.

Skate mentorship

Our Impact

By teaching these youth how to skate, we are strengthening a light inside of them to be fearless and tackle their vulnerability in all aspects of life. Skateboarding breaks down the typical gender boundaries that girls have instilled in their brains from birth. It teaches them that they can do anything regardless of their gender. We teach our mentees to support one another, be thoughtful and most of all be kind. We believe that pairing younger generations with older mentors , we are giving them a positive role model to aspire to be. 

Skate mentorship

Our Reach

We’ve taught 300+ GRLS in the USA and Mexico, bringing our Skate Mentorship Program across borders and throughout our communities to the youth who need it most. We’ve worked with Boys & Girls Club, Girlpowerful, Inc, Think Lab, YMCA, Santa Monica Pico Library and more. 

Let's Skate!

Interested in having GRLSWIRL Mentorship join your youth initiative? Hit us up! We love partnering with organizations that align with our mission. We’d love to hear more about your program and how we can support one another!