Not to be biased but...

We have the best partners! At GRLSWIRL we take our family seriously and our partners are like family to us. We only work with like minded, forward thinking companies who align with our mission, bring joy to our members and value to our vision.


Carver has always been about surfing, and of capturing that joyous feeling of flow on a skateboard. Grlswirl was founded on that very same electric feeling of flow that came from riding a skateboard.


Cariuma takes care of the earth with not only the materials they use, but also the replanting of two trees for every shoe produced. Like us, they strive to make sustainability and aesthetic two cohesive and intertwined parts of their company and lifestyle.

Cali Squeeze

Cali Squeeze is a California beer infused with freshly squeezed California fruits, all powered by California sunshine. Their laid back lifestyle is just like Grlswirl's own fun style.


ROXY has been celebrating the power of women to make waves and move mountains since 1990. The first and only exclusively-female global action sports brand, ROXY specializes in the development and design of trend-leading, technically innovative lifestyle and performance wear inspired by the Mountain & the Wave -- and now the concrete wave!

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