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with the mission to empower women to get on skateboards in what can often seem like an intimidating, male-dominated sport. GRLSWIRL is a grassroots skate community focused on uniting women through skateboarding, empowering them to break gender boundaries and inspiring them to start a revolution by harnessing inclusivity and friendship. 

Originated in February 2018, GRLSWIRL has grown from a small group of women into a global force of over 147K online members. Now, girls from around the world constantly send messages of how our skate sisterhood has brought them hope and encouraged fearlessness.

GRLSWIRL’s 9 all women co-founders come from all walks of life; Kelsey Harkin, Lucy Osinski, Tobi Ann, Julia Ama, Shannon Moss, Lindsey Klucik, Myriah Marquez, Monroe Alvarez, and Danielle Schwartz. We truly believe that through our individual and unique stories, we can liberate women of today to conquer their fears and insecurities through the act of trying something new.

We embody the message that you don’t have to be a badass shredder, or even be a certain “type” of woman to get on a board and learn something new. Together we inspire one another to get better, whether it’s at our bi-monthly Venice Beach Group Skates or remotely through social media. We have created a safe space for our members to get out of their comfort zones, ask questions, fall a little, laugh a lot and create lasting memories.

Through GRLSWIRL we want women to feel that skate is accessible, approachable and fun. We want to use social media to breed connection and tear down the implicit narcissism and insecurities that generally arrive in a scroll hole. No comparing, no wishing or wanting – we genuinely want women to get out and join us.

While inspiring girls of all ages to learn to skateboard, we also take pride in inspiring our community to do good. Our philanthropic agenda has been full since starting GRLSWIRL. Whether it’s fundraising for local non-profits or collaborating with youth groups for skate mentoring experiences; we want to connect and engage locals and members to serve our community. 

If you’d like to join us, reach out to us, or just say hi, click here.

Beyond the Board

GRLSWIRL is all about chasing stoke, this means on and off our boards. Whether fundraising or hands on teaching, GRLSWIRL’s purpose is to inspire our members and neighbors to come together to raise awareness while supporting philanthropic organizations within Venice Beach and beyond. Our mission is to empower and involve our community by creating opportunities for members to become involved with organizations that need a little bit of stoke.

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