Handcrafted Soft-Top Surfboard FLOWERSURF - PRESALE!

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Pre-sale!! Boards will be shipping MID TO LATE JULY! 

We're thrilled to introduce the Flowersurf Surfboard! We've crafted this high-performing, HAND MADE soft-top surfboard that's perfect for both beginners and seasoned surfers. Inspired by our signature FlowerSwirl skateboard, it combines style and performance like never before. 



7’5 x 22” x 3.1” 58 L

8'2 x 22.5” x 3.1” 68 L


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Handcrafted Soft-Top Surfboard FLOWERSURF

Why You'll Love the Flowersurf Board

🌺 Handcrafted in Peru: SURF YAKU creates 100% handcrafted softboards, distancing themselves from the mass production stereotype. Designed and made by surfers, for surfers.

🌊 Performance-Driven: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced wave rider, this high-performing soft-top board is built to help you transition your surfskate skills to the water.

🌼 Unique Flower-Inspired Design: Our vibrant, flower-inspired graphics make this board stand out, offering a fun yet elegant vibe on the waves.

🌟 Durability & Lifetime Quality: Engineered to never delaminate and endure years of wave-riding adventures, this surfboard will be your reliable companion in the water.

Handcrafted Soft-Top Surfboard FLOWERSURF


🌿 Minimal Resin Use: Our boards aren't laminated, requiring only a small amount of resin to integrate the double T aluminum stringer into the EPS foam.

🪵 Locally Sourced Materials: We prioritize sourcing 100% of our materials locally from Peru.

♻️ Zero Waste Factory: EPS scrap and Vinilflex are collected and sent to our suppliers for recycling, where they're repurposed into construction materials and vinyl flooring.

🔧 Built to Last: Designed to be durable with easy repairs, our boards can be handed down through generations. When it's time, they can be disassembled and recycled.

Handcrafted Soft-Top Surfboard FLOWERSURF

Key Feautures

  • Lightweight EPS (Closed Cell) Core: Our boards feature a lightweight EPS core reinforced with dent-proof Mylar.
  • Double T Aluminum Stringer.
  • Air Valve: Any excess air can be easily released through the valve, maintaining optimal performance. No delamination!
  • Drain Screw: In the event of an accident, water can be quickly drained, facilitating easy repairs.
  • Hand-Shaped Transition Rails: Crafted with precision, our boards boast hand-shaped transition rails, optimizing maneuverability and control on the waves.
  • EVA Shock Absorber: Strategically placed EVA shock absorbers in the nose and tail minimize impact and enhance stability, providing durability and safety.
  • Full Edge Protection: To safeguard against damage, our boards are equipped with full edge protection, ensuring longevity and preserving their pristine condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Flowersurf Board suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! This soft-top board is designed to be user-friendly and offer stability for surfers of all skill levels, especially beginners

2. How do I care for my Flowersurf Board?

  • The rails are delicate. If you place the board on the roof of your car and tighten the straps too much, the edges may dent. We recommend using a towel to prevent damage to the rails or use a board bag.
  • DO NOT APPLY WAX OVER THE AIR VALVE! Doing so can prevent air from escaping, especially in high heat conditions.
  • Our boards won’t ever delaminate but It is normal for the board to expand in high temperatures. Understand that when this happens, the board will return to its normal state once the air is expelled (automatically) by the air valve. To avoid inflation, loosen the drain screw by three turns. JUST ENSURE TO TIGHTLY ADJUST IT BEFORE SURFING to avoid water ingress.
  • We advise against leaving the board in direct sunlight, as with any board. If you plan to spend time at the beach, bring extra towels to cover it or loosen the drain screw by three turns. To avoid inflation, loosen the drain screw by three turns. JUST ENSURE TO TIGHTLY ADJUST IT BEFORE SURFING to avoid water ingress.

3. What's the return policy?

Check out our Returns & Exchanges page for full details on how to return or exchange your board if you're not fully satisfied.