The GRLSWIRL Carver Skateboard

The GRLSWIRL Carver Skateboard


Looking for a board that you will fall in love with? Looking for a board with versatility that can ease you into skate, as well as help you grow into a powerful surf skater? Look no further with GRLSWIRL’s Carver board, designed by the women of GRLSWIRL.

Size, shape, trucks and style hand picked by GRLSWIRLers.

9 3/4" wide

6 1/8" tail 

3 1/4" nose 

16" wheelbase  

29.5” board length

70mm Roundhouse Mag Wheels

Carver CX trucks

Free shipping nationally

We currently only ship within the United States. We are looking into international shipping options. Check back on our social accounts for any announcements or updates.

Limited quantities available!

Carver offers lifetime guarantees on trucks. The GRLSWIRL Carver board is top of the line quality, all made in El Segundo, California. No returns or refunds on the GRLSWIRL Carver Skateboard.

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