New York City

Welcome to the New York chapter! We’re focused on creating a safe and inclusive space for all people, while bringing together community in skateboarding. A mixture of urban cityscape and nature, the New York chapter is filled with eclectic characters that love to teach, skate the parks, and cruise the streets. We love to ride in open spaces surrounded by trees, and divided by skate ramps. Come Swirl with us!

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Please check our calendar or our
to see when the next one is!


If you come to one of our group skates you are automatically a part of GRLSWIRL

When you come to a group skate we give you access to our digital community on MightyNetworks which is our platform of communicating with all the women who have come to group skates

Anyone can come, but if you are under 18 you must have a parent consent form filled out.

Link Here

We will definitely be there to help you out. We can not promise that we will have all attention on you the entire time of the meet up because we have to attend to all girls who show up. We will always make sure you are comfortable and safe! But if you feel uneasy, please book a one-on-one learning session with us!