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Hey There,

We’re looking for people like YOU to help expand the GRLSWIRL community to cities all over the World!

Due to bandwidth of a small women owned business - we are only opening GRLSWIRL chapters in 10 cities in 2020. If you would like to request GRLSWIRL in your city, please click here.

What it means to start your own GRLSWIRL Chapter:

It took a small group of women a year and a half of extreme dedication and hard work to cultivate our community and business. Today we are finally ready to share what we have learned and give the tools to other women around the world to create their very own skate sisterhood!!

Our chapters reside under our not for profit sector with the primary goal to give other women the tools they need to bring women together through skate. Creating and cultivating a community should be fun, rewarding, but also consistent. We’re looking for grls who are committed to creating an inclusive and safe space where every grl feels welcome.

Grlswirl's mission is to empower women through skate. Lifting each other up, rather than tearing each other down is core to what we believe in and we want leaders who believe in those things too. This is a community that brings women together for free and each chapter will blossom from the love and passion put into your neighborhood. Not only will you be hosting group skates, but will have the opportunity to give back through quarterly skate mentorships locally.

To let you know what we’re not looking for… if you’re looking to expand your clientele, social following or a business owner looking to promote your business, GRLSWIRL isn’t right for you. We are wanting serial community builders NOT serial entrepreneurs. We hope to work with those who find happiness and joy through cultivating and blooming beautiful connections within their community! At the core of all the hard work is a true passion for empowering women through skate and this is fundamentally what we are looking for.

Everyone can start and skate community, not everyone can start and run a GRLSWIRL chapter.

We know that starting a Grlswirl community can be tough,
so we created this page to give you an idea of what it takes.

We provide our leaders:

Guidance to help you plan and run Group skates and skate mentorships

Individual support from GRLSWIRL co founders

Physical support at events and group skates

Grlswirl’s partners support and gifting

Digital growth support

In depth networking within our Worldwide community


How many GRLS do you need to start a Grlswirl community?

We require at least two grls to run a Grlswirl Chapter. We will be choosing and curating a team based upon individual applications.

How much time does it require?

You are obligated to hold a safe place of communication for all grls who join your skates. You must plan 2 group skates per month, and put together at least 4 skate mentorships per year. You must be present at every single group skate. Sure, it will happen where you miss a group skate, but that’s where your co-leaders will help you out. To grow the community though, you’ll need 100% commitment.

Between communicating and planning, it’s up to you how much time you put into it. You’ll start with the 2 group skates a month to get a feel for the amount of time it takes, then start branching into hosting community and philanthropic events.

We’re looking for grls who want to jump into this - being creative , leading events, matchmaking, making face to face connections, directing, volunteering, becoming a leader in your community ; these are some of the perks that will drive you forward within this role. You’ll be an inspiration and a leader for the grls in your community. You’ll be the face of Grlswirl in your town, leading the enthusiasm, the love and the passion for your skate sisterhood.

This is a part-time volunteer job that some weeks can fill enough hours to be seen as a second, completely unpaid, full-time job. You will start with two group skates per month. Growing your group skates authentically will give you a good idea of what it looks and feels like to be in a leader position. Running GRLSWIRL is truly hard work, so understand that you will need true passion for building community. You must be the consistently strong presence within a space of women getting out of their comfort zones - be prepared to lead by example . If you are not comfortable to commit yourself fully to this role please reconsider submitting an application, as we are looking for a select few.

What does it look like to be a leader?

Outgoing Personality: Grlswirl community leaders are outgoing, personable and encouraging. Typically they are serial community builders. Not only are you passionate about empowering others through skateboarding, but you’re passionate about bringing women together. We’re a grassroots community that started and is rooted in grassroots efforts in our community and digitally. As a leader, you’ll need to be talking to strangers, friends of friends, acquaintances, and even your neighborhood business owners. Your word of mouth recruiting is HUGE. Please ask yourself, how am I at interacting with complete strangers? If your answer is not I AM EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT IN TALKING TO COMPLETE STRANGERS, AND CHARMING THE PANTS OFF OF THEM - plz again reconsider your application.

Local: Grlswirl community leaders need to be familiar and confident within their local surroundings and able to recruit other grls that they know and don’t know. We want someone who is familiar with their town and have been living there for a while. We don’t want someone who is just passing through for the summer. You will need to commit for a year or more, so please only apply if you are looking to plant your roots and GROW. Ask yourself , how am I with cold calling/messaging/showing up at a local business and cultivating a relationship?

Creative/Social Media/Content: Each chapter is responsible to manage their cities GRLSWIRL instagram account. Each team chapter will have a leader focused specifically on social media/content and social community mgmt. You will need to source local or internal photographers to document your group skates, or creatively feature your movement. All leaders should be versed in social and working together to grow your digital audience.

Skate Level: Do you have to be THE best skater out there? Absolutely not. Do you have to be a motivator?… YASSSS, you do. We don’t need you to be a ripper, but we need you to feel comfortable helping others grow their skills and cheering your sisters on. Ask yourself, Am I comfortable and confident teaching others to skate?

Group Mentality : Teamwork with your other leaders is VITAL to your success. GRLSWIRL grew from 9 women aligning and agreeing on showing up for each-other. This means all 9 of us committed to showing up to photo shoots, group skates, events, meetings, phone calls, after skate hang outs, trips, and more.. People sometimes react shocked when they realize there are 9 women building a business and running a community - they say things like DRAMMMAAAA - this can and may be your situation if you are not open to communication, self reflection and constructive criticism. Ask yourself, Am I someone who works well with other women?

We’ve outlined above some questions to genuinely ask yourself. Please take into account the following as well - This is not for you if you:

Have a job that requires a lot of travel that could take you away from the chapter you’re thinking of starting.

Are not committed to staying local for the next few years.

Are not comfortable with public speaking.

Are looking to build a personal business or social following.

Don’t genuinely have a true passion for cultivating community.


Your life will change! You will suddenly have too many girl friends, inspire grls, hug strangers, make friends with local business owners, get gifted cute GRLSWIRL gear, join our worldwide movement and make a difference in your community! You will see women step into their power, fall in love with skating, cultivate true connections and see people show up in really powerful ways. This is serious stuff we’re dealing with. The 9 co founders built this with so much love, respect, humility and sensitivity, so please don’t step up unless you’re committed to everything you have read above.

How to Apply

If you think that you fit description and are willing
to commit to everything that’s laid out above, then Apply Now!

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