meet the team 


Lucy Osinski

Lucy Osinski, an ex ballerina / ex organic farmer from Cornwall New York, started skating in early 2017. She fell in love with how empowered and liberated she felt from skating and passionately wanted to get other girls on boards in order to experience the same momentous feeling. As creator, CEO and co founder of GRLSWIRL, Lucy’s life mission is parallel to GRLSWIRL’s mission; to empower women through skateboarding, cultivate authentic community and truly spread the meaning of GRL POWER! 

Professionally, she runs digital strategy and photography for a California high end Cannabis brand. Emotionally, she frequently watches cute animal videos and is a culture obsessed sponge wanting to soak and learn as much as possible about the World around her. Physically, she lives in Venice Beach California and can’t imagine a more beautiful place to live. She has a dog, a dreamy boyfriend, the best family a gal good ask for and some incredible girl friends who have inspired her beyond her wildest dreams.

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Shannon Moss

Born and raised in Connecticut, Shannon moved to the sunny shores of Southern California 7 years ago. She currently lives and works in Venice Beach as a freelance photographer & designer. An avid reader and traveler, you can find Shannon in her downtime curled up with a book or exploring a new destination. Shannon picked up a board in February 2018, after meeting and becoming inspired by her fellow GRLs.

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Monroe Alvarez

With her mom a former model and father a photographer, we have Monroe Alvarez - a model/photographer hybrid, born in Amsterdam and raised in Ohio. Monroe has traveled the world and lived in New York, Milan, Paris, and currently resides in Los Angeles. Due to her years in front of the camera, Monroe has a unique advantage in capturing a model in a way most can not. She is able to connect with her subjects and make them feel comfortable and true to their nature. However, Monroe's true love is being on the road. Her endless desire to travel and capture Mother Nature's beauty is where she feels most at home.

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Kelsey Harkin

Kelsey moved to Los Angeles 12 years ago, and shortly after that called Venice Beach her home.  After attending The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, she found herself working a number of random jobs that LA hands you before landing in the fashion industry designing for women’s contemporary brands. Kelsey now owns her own line, Lukka the Label – a LA made, Venice Beach designed sustainable women’s clothing line.  She loves vintage cars, traveling and being sun kissed and salty. Her travels have taken her to over 30 countries for fun and philanthropic endeavors. Kelsey is expecting her first child and newest honorary GRLSWIRL member with her husband Keith this April. And can’t wait to get back on a skateboard.

You can find Kelsey on instagram here.

Myriah Marquez

Myriah Rose is originally from the Texas/Louisiana border. She hit the road to explore at 18. Eventually at 26 decided to make the move to Venice CA. She started skating at age 11 as a security blanket of sorts when she became really Ill and had to switch schools. A skateboard has never left her side since.  Among skate and travel she thinks of herself as a Jack of all trades and has an eclectic taste in all things art. 

You can find Myriah on instagram here.

Lindsey Klucik

Lindsey Klucik grew up on the East Coast but has always been a Californian at heart. Born in Connecticut in ‘88, Lindsey visited California during her Summers growing up thanks to her Grandfather, Brandon Maggart. Maggart landed in Venice in the 80s and Venice quickly became a second home to his children and grandchildren. Lindsey graduated from The University of Rhode Island with a BSA in Fashion Merchandising and Design/Fine Art. Lindsey learned to skate upon moving to Venice by cruising the streets and alleyways finding solace in skating alone. It’s of no surprise that she is one of the co-founders of GRLSWIRL. Having skated the streets of Venice for years Lindsey dreamed of finding other like minded girls to skate with. Upon meeting Lucy Osinski skating the same streets in Venice, the GRLSWIRL spirit was born. Lindsey has worked for independent clothing and jewelry designers and has experience in entertainment marketing. Currently, Lindsey works with kids doing Play Therapy. She finds the work satisfying and as an empath thrives in positions of service. Lindsey runs GRLSWIRL’s Community Operations. As an introverted extrovert, Lindsey has a calm yet excited personality. You can find her skating the streets with her dog Finny. Never hesitate to say hello!

You can find Lindsey on instagram here.

Tobi Ann

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, refined in Georgia and New York, living it up in Venice California. Sarah Tobi (known as Tobi) is a Graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Photography. After many years of hopping around the photo industry, she is currently a full time Photo Retoucher and part time Documentary Photographer. With a love for community service and a history of photographing for non-profits around the world, she is passionate about her position, alongside Kelsey Harkin, as a Co-Head of Philanthropy at GRLSWIRL.

You can find Tobi on instagram here.

Danielle Schwartz

Danielle is a California native, born and raised in Santa Monica. Growing up by the beach, she thrives near the ocean, both surfing and skating. She is a mom to baby girl, Lulu and strives to inspire the younger generation of girls through her work in Grlswirl. She's also a designer and has her own brand called Lady Dandelion. Fashion is a form of expression for her, and even though she is a tomboy, her favorite color will always be pink. 

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Julia Ama

Hailing from the warm beaches of Brazil, Júlia Amá runs on an electric attitude and positive vibes. As a surf lover and pro swimmer, water is typically her primary element. However, since moving to Venice and meeting the lovely ladies of GRLSWIRL that changed it all. Her friends call her "Jú" or "Juju." Jú is an athlelic specimen, but has a huge heart and an even better smile. You typically can find her hunting for hills to bomb, surfing Venice breakwater or playing pool and sipping beer at Hinanos. Oh, and did we mention she's a Stanford Engineering grad? On the weekends, you can find her cruising around Venice in her '77 VW bus hunting for authentic acai with a big grin on her face.

You can find Julia on instagram here.