Miriam’s house x GRLSWIRL

Women’s History Month fundraiser, march 2019

GRLSWIRL celebrated Women’s History Month by hosting a fundraiser at The Waterfront Venice, benefiting Miriam’s House LA. We raffled over a dozen items, 95% of which were donated by local female owned companies. With the help of local female owned canned wine company, BEV, we were able to create a cocktail called The Swirl that stayed on Waterfront menu for the entire month. Alongside with female run Three Weavers Beer. 10% of proceeds from both drinks were donated to the foundation.  

All of us at GRLSWIRL are speechless when it comes to our local community showing up for and supporting these events. We packed the Waterfront with not only locals, but over 50 GRLSWIRL members skated up to the event ready to raise money and have a good time. Thanks to local DJ Helen Niche, everyone was busy dancing their butts off while purchasing raffle tickets. Within the first hour we had raised $1,000 and that number continued to grow throughout the evening! All in all we were able to raise a total of $4,300.00!