Beyond the Board

GRLSWIRL is all about chasing stoke, this means on and off our boards. Whether fundraising or hands on teaching, GRLSWIRL’s purpose is to inspire our members and neighbors to come together to raise awareness while supporting philanthropic organizations within Venice Beach and beyond. Our mission is to empower and involve our community by creating opportunities for members to become involved with organizations that need a little bit of stoke. 

GRLSWIRL is driven by something we are all craving: COMMUNITY! And they understand that a vital component of community is looking outside ourselves to the needs of those around us.
— Sarah Wilson, Executive Director, Harvest Home LA
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Miriam’s House


Sand Sisters LA


Harvest Home


Venice Family Clinic


Refugee Mission




Boys & Girls Club


St. Joseph’s Center


Upcoming Events


We’ve worked with some incredible sponsors and would like to thank them for making all of our charity events and philanthropic opportunities possible.

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Want to get involved? Whether you’re a potential sponsor or would like to volunteer at one of our events, let us know below.

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