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 Hey There!

We’re looking for people like to YOU to help expand the GRLSWIRL community to cities all over the world! If you don’t see your city currently listed, and you want to lead your own GRLSWIRL community, then scroll down.

If you aren’t interested in starting your own GRLSWIRL, but want to be notified if we open up in your city, please fill out the info below.

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Be a part of the revolution! Be the change in your city.

GRLSWIRL leaders make a key difference in the lives of GRLS by guiding them through the GRLSWIRL experience! At GRLSWIRL, we want leading your city group to be a great time, which is why we'll support you every step of the way. We provide our leaders:

  • Convenient, online trainings that give you everything you need on your schedule.

  • Activity Plans to help you quickly and easily prepare for meetings.

  • Individual guidance from our Support team.

  • Free “Friends with Benefits” Package.

Common Questions About Leading GRLSWIRL

Here are a few of the most frequent questions we hear:

  • How many GRLS should be GRLSWIRL leaders?

    • We require at least two girls to run a GRLSWIRL Chapter. The max number of leaders is 9.

  • How much time does it require?

    • You are obligated to hold a safe place of communication for all girls who join your skates. You must plan 2 group skates per month, and put together at least 4 community events per year. Between communicating and planning, its up to you how much time you put into it. We do have a standard that must be met for being a leader, which is all explained in the downloadable PDF.

  • How much support is there for GRLSWIRL City Leaders?

    • We provide online trainings for our leaders that you can take on your schedule, and we provide detailed activity plans that make it easy to get meetings going. You’ll also have access to our dedicated Support team for guidance when you need.


  1. Decide to be a role model by joining GRLSWIRL as a City Leader!

    You can start reviewing the training resources available to you: Training & Support.

  2. Start looking for other adults to help!

    Together, you'll need to decide on a group skate meeting location, meeting frequency (day and start time), meeting start date (when you plan to start your group skates).

    A chapter needs at least two un-related, background check adults (both of whom must be female) to get started. Groups can have between 2 and 9 leaders.

    Leaders are required to meet atleast once a month and Group Skates must be atleast once a month.

  3. Pick a Day, Time, and Location for Group Skates

    It’s a great idea to start thinking about how your group will get together right away. Keep in mind:

    • Most groups meet once to twice per month, but you can choose a schedule that works best for you.

    • Your meeting space needs to be a safe, clean, and secure environment that allows all girls to participate.

  4. Set up your GRLSWIRL.

    Fill out the New Group Request to notify us about your interest in starting a new GRLSWIRL Group.

  5. It's time to start spreading the word about your GRLSWIRL Group!

    It’s never too early to start spreading the word about your GRLSWIRL Group. We have several Recruitment Resources to help you spread the word.

  6. Get ready for your first Group Skate.

    Review GRLSWIRL rules by downloading the GRLSWIRL Leader PDF

  7. Stay in touch.

    Follow us on Instagram and stay connected by emailing us with any questions.